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Nina Vynnyk

Nina Vynnyk (1928–2011) is Ukranian artist. She was born in 1928 in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Her young years were extremely difficult – her mother passing away when Nina was 5, conflict with stepmother, World War II turmoil. After returning to Ukraine after the war in late 1940ties she worked for sovkhoz, got married and had 2 children. When her husband followed by her younger son died in early 2000s Nina sold her home in Ukraine and moved to Estonia to live with your older son.
As she herself said: “I found myself in a new country, in the midst of a new way of life and new colours”. All alone, she began to reminisce, troubled by heavy thoughts. The personal mixed with the national and the national with the personal. It is possible that Nina Vinnik’s art would not have taken this form had she remained in Ukraine. 
Nina Vynnyk started creating art back in Ukraine, nothing of those works sadly remained. During her years in Estonia she has created 7 oversized applique books and around 40 stand-alone works in applique medium.

Selected works

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My Ukraine

appliqué, fabric, marker 82×190×1cm


Shevchenko in a Cap

appliqué, fabric, marker 123×49×1cm


Ukraine in the Heart

appliqué, fabric, marker, framed 116×51×1cm 2004


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