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Temnikova & Kasela

Noblessner, Kai Art Center building – Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia, +372 6405770, Wed–Fri, 1–6 pm, Sat–Sun, 2–6 pm or by appointment.

Exhibition > Mike Levitt "kitchen", 30 May – 26 July 2014

Mike Levitt "kitchen", 30 May – 26 July 2014


Adapting to the networks of Tallinn’s art scene and, in particular, to those operated by the city’s commercial gallery Temnikova & Kasela, Mike Levitt exhibits his work “kitchen” at Köök – a private function restaurant co-owned by the gallery’s Indrek Kasela and operated by an English chef Tim Bramich. The Estonian artists’ works, that usually decorate the walls are replaced with blank MDF sheets cut to the same dimensions and hung in the same locations. For the opening night, the MDF sculptural stand-ins formed the backdrop for a curated buffet where guests were invited between Dan Mitchell’s “Stallinnism” exhibition and ’POLICE’ club night. The menu was a collaboration between Levitt and Bramich designed to reference dishes typically prepared at the LimaZulu project space but with a local cultural twist.

Mike Levitt lives and works in London. His practice explores the relationship between physical and social architecture through material concerns. He is a co-founder of LimaZulu Project Space (2009) and POLICE (2012). Levitt’s recent shows include Café 1.0, LimaZulu, London (2014); Artist Dining Space, Bold Tendencies 6, London (2013); Lounge_ ,Site festival SVA, Stroud (2013); POLICE, London, Brussels (2012).

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