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Temnikova & Kasela

Noblessner, Kai Art Center building – Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia, +372 6405770, Wed–Fri, 1–6 pm, Sat–Sun, 2–6 pm or by appointment.

Gallery Artists > Mikko Hintz

Mikko Hintz


pigment, acrylic, pencil, chalk grounded canvas, wooden panel 20x15cm 2014

With these paintings, the hierarchy of a consumer society is reversed. Instead of plain surfaces and the hysterics of make-believe, we feel the gravitational pull. We face the integrity of a work of art. We are asked to share, and have a stake. There are no paintings without the actual one-to-one being with them. The image of the work is a derivative, a way to communicate, and yes, also a certain type of promise as an invitation. But the image is nothing in comparison. To be precise, it is not even comparable. This does not make the work itself an example of magnificent essence. It emphasizes the potential readiness of it to go on and to continue asking us to keep on looking while the work keeps looking back. It is a process of staying with - and enjoying that slowness of moving back and forth, back and forth but always in and through the experiences with the work.

Text by Mika Hannula