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Sigrid Viir

This has Been, the Day After Tomorrow

This has Been, the Day After Tomorrow
This has Been, the Day After Tomorrow
photo installation, 4 photographic objects: "Why", "If", "The Enigma of R.B", "How" 2013

Roland Barthes’ punctum is individual - it is forgetting and wondering,because the emergence of this unspecified something submerges everything that has passed and we proceed from there with closed eyes, a hole inside. You walk like a cat circling around a dish with hot porridge, wishing it never cooled down. Punctum is something that is absent despite being more present than anything else. It is my own and mine only. It finds me unexpectedly, like an arrow, like a scent or a vibration in a dark room, giving an idea of what has been and letting it clash - into the unknown. Actually, it seems to me, that the unexpected collision into the nameless, personal, unanalysable and stabbing punctum depends on where we are currently located. Since each one of us is located in their own space, then that which stabs is particular [to an individual situation]. Although Barthes’ punctum forgets the photographer and the photograph as an object, besides the collision of the visual I find possible a kind of punctum and a travel into the unknown that is instigated by a crack in the left side of the frame surrounding a photo, or by a construction supporting a picture. In my interpretation, punctum is a puzzle, yet such that avoids any (one) kind of resolution. More important than the answer is the proposition of a question or where the different versions of the answer may lead. It is a recognition of a detail that is not primary but that possesses a driving force, appears unreasonably and fills the whole surface of a picture. It is something that I as a viewer can transform into my own. It is a hole - something is absent and yet it appears to spill over the edges. We view with closed eyes. A trap. A puzzle without a resolution. A hole filled with time.

Text by the artist