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Edith Karlson at the Sequences XI: ‘Can’t see’ art festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Other: Photo by Ólöf Helgadóttir

Edith Karlson is included in the Sequences XI: ‘Can’t see’ art festival, Reykjavik, Island. 

Sequences XI ‘Can’t See’ is inspired by the feeling that the world is slipping through our fingers, as we fail to perceive the threat of ecological destruction, just as we cannot see the potential new paths and life forms that might emerge in the future.

Taking place across Kling & Bang, The Living Art Museum, the Nordic House, and the National Gallery of Iceland l, the exhibition is divided into 4 chapters which explore different ways of seeing and experiencing the world. It offers a glimpse into spaces that are normally hidden from the human eye: from the depths of the sea, the layers of the soil, the deep underground, to echoes of the past and dreams of the future.

Featuring new commissions alongside existing works by artists and loans from Icelandic and Baltic museums, the exhibition spans from scientific, research-oriented practices that investigate the immediate and long-term human impact on the environment to poetic and spiritual pieces inspired by myths and folklore related to nature.

Curated by Marika Agu, Maria Arusoo, Kaarin Kivirähk and Sten Ojavee

Dates: 13 October- 22 October, 2023

Edith Karlson
Can’t See, 2023
Concrete, metal, mixed media