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'Final Fantasy' by Toni Schmale & Sevina Tzanou, Tallinn

Exhibition: Photo by Stanislav Stepaško

Temnikova & Kasela is happy to invite you to the co-exhibition “Final Fantasy” by Toni Schmale & Sevina Tzanou.

Exhibition dates: 18.03-22.06, 2023

Toni Schmale’s (b. 1980, Hamburg, lives and works in Vienna) practice encompasses sculptures as well as performative interventions, video pieces, and graphic art. Her work scrutinizes social power relations and a hegemonic society’s stereotypical gender roles, which she counters with gender-political utopias served up with characteristically sly humor masking radical dauntlessness.

Sevina Tzanou (b. 1994, Athens, lives and works in Bonn) collapses bodies, space, and time in her painting process. Through an engagement with Burlesque, drama, and drag communities she explores the subjectivity of the femme – a hyper-feminine performance which celebrates and annunciates the queer characteristics of femininity.

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