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Kris Lemsalu at Vilnius Biennale of Performance Art, Lithuania

Other: Photo by Marius Žičius

Kris Lemsalu’s at Vilnius Biennale of Performance Art, 2023 with performance “Lust Fest”.

Row row row, the quest is on,

find love, find freedom, row up, row down

row together, row up space and row down time,

Back and forth, row up yours and row down mine,

Row row row, to the sound

And sink sink sink to the ground

For her new durational performance, Kris Lemsalu turns to water as a vast and ever-changing terrain that, despite the all-pervading science, remains immersed in undulating layers of myth and symbolism. Rowing and singing in a boat amid blue and pink ripples of chlorinated water and surrounded by a troupe of synchronised swimmers, the artist explores our deepest and ever prevailing search for passion, love and consolation.

Photos by Marius Žičius

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