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Temnikova & Kasela

Noblessner, Kai Art Center building – Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia, +372 6405770, Wed–Fri, 1–6 pm, Sat–Sun, 2–6 pm or by appointment.

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Cloe Jancis

Cloe Jancis (b. 1992) is an artist who lives and works in Tallinn. She mainly works with photography, video and installation. Jancis has graduated from the department of photography (BA, 2018) at the Estonian Academy of Arts and currently obtaining MA degree in contemporary arts in the faculty of fine arts, Estonian Academy of Arts.

The artist is intrigued by the daily roles of a woman, the territories between these roles as well as the feelings accompanying the performance of a role such as anxiety, anticipation and desire. Jancis often refers to the interconnection between personal and public space as well as emphasizes the delicate border between existence and slipping from a role into another.

Her recent exhibitions include "In front of the mirror, on a day full of enthusiasm, you put your mask on too heavily, it bites your skin", with Sigrid Viir, Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn (2021), "Meanwhile" in Hobusepea Gallery (2020, with Maris Karjatse), "Waiting for Eternity" in Draakoni Gallery (2019) and “Between You and This” in Haapsalu City Gallery (2019). Her work was recently gifted to Fotomuseum Winterthur by Outset Estonia Contemporary Art Fund.