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Kris Lemsalu 'Angels Gone Pissing'

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Kris Lemsalu "Angels Gone Pissing"
Kris Lemsalu

'Angels Gone Pissing'

ceramics, fabric, mixed media cm 2017 - 2022

Kris Lemsalu "Mother Gone Pissing I"
Kris Lemsalu

'Mother Gone Pissing I'

ceramics, canvas, coffee, watercolour 130×95cm 2022

Kris Lemsalu "Mother Gone Pissing II"
Kris Lemsalu

'Mother Gone Pissing II'

ceramics, canvas, coffee, watercolour 130×95cm 2022

Kris Lemsalu "Mother Gone Pissing III"
Kris Lemsalu

'Mother Gone Pissing III'

ceramics, canvas, coffee, watercolour 130×95cm 2022

installation views

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the heart slipped by
summer slipped by
nothing appeared to

the miller slipped by
the sails were put by
in the dim cellar

grandpa watched
grandma watched
joy came to eyes
on closing

father was taken
mother was taken
home went alone
and howling

Juhan Viiding
translated by Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov

Kris Lemsalu (b. 1985) is sculptor and installation artist often experimenting with ceramics. Her art combines porcelain with fur, wool textile, silicone, found objects, sounds and other materials. Lemsalu’s work is characterised by her attention to colour and surface effects, an interest in archetypal and symbolic motifs, and an ironic and reflexive relationship to the media she uses, as well as staged scenes and the absurd. Her work often touches upon timeless and profoundly human themes such as birth, transformation and death, pain and grief, passion and love, and a celebration of life. Lemsalu’s installations sometimes act as a stage for her performances; the sculptural artworks become props or part of her costumes.

Lemsalu's recent solo exhibitions and performances include "Peace @ 295 Church Street", Margot Samel, NY (2022); "A Snail's Tale", with Kyp Malone, High Line Art, NY (2021); "Paloma", with Kyp Malone, Barbara Sánchez-Kane and Viktor Martínez, Material Art Fair, Mexico City (2020); "Birth V - Hi & Bye", Estonian pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale (2019).

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