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Open: July 3—August 18, Wed—Thu 14—18


Jaanus Samma at House of World Cultures, Berlin 

Exhibition: Photo by Florian Boillot

Jaanus Samma is included in ‘As though we hid the sun in a sea of stories’ exhibition at House of World Cultures, Berlin 

The exhibition and research project foregrounds an ever-incomplete weaving of narratives of artists, curators, writers, and customary knowledge holders. It traces the many worlds that have existed in parallel, often in spite of or against the oppressive visions imagined by successive regimes—the Russian Empire, the USSR, and contemporary Russia—that have controlled areas across Eastern Europe and Central and North Asia.

‘As though we hid the sun in a sea of stories’ presents a non-totalizing vision by way of summoning multiple forms of subjectivities, imaginations, and sensualities that were dimmed by colonization and later fell out of the modernist canon.

Exhibition dates: October 21, 2023–January 14, 2024
Opening October 20, 18:30
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Jaanus Samma
Riga Postcards 2020
installation, screen prints, metal frame, installation view.