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Merike Estna as part of Performa 17 satellite program

Exhibition: Maria Metsalu, Mademoiselle X performance view, with carpet by Merike Estna, 2017. Produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Photo by Alan Proosa

As part of the Performa Consortium and the Pavilion Without Walls, Art in General will present an exhibition by Estonian artists Merike Estna and Maria Metsalu, curated by Maria Arusoo. Merike Estna’s new performance ‘Red Herring’ and Maria Metsalu’s ‘Mademoiselle X’ are part of ‘Soft Scrub, Hard Body, Liquid Presence’ exhibition. The exhibition posits if our over-consumption of virtual space has provoked a deep mutation in the psychosphere and explores the zombified body as a response to today’s evolving societal structures.
Merike Estna, Red Herring
Friday, November 17, 5–8pm