Noblessner, Kai Art Center building – Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia, +372 6405770, Closed: June 22—July 2
Open: July 3—August 18, Wed—Thu 14—18

Exhibition: Kaarel Kurismaa, sketch for movie "Love Battlefields" (directed by V. Kuik), 1984

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery has moved to Port Noblessner

We are pleased to announce that Temnikova & Kasela Gallery has moved to a new space on the ground floor of Kai Art Center building, located in Port Noblessner. The building itself is a century-old former secret submarine plant overlooking the sea.

Our first exhibition in the new space is Kaarel Kurismaa's solo show "The Old Man and the Musical Score" which runs from 14 December until 1 March 2020.

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Other: Kaarel Kurismaa "Amor Column". Photo: Stanislav Stepaško

The Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society gift to EKM for its 100th Anniversary is Kaarel Kurismaa’s ‘Amor Column’

It has become a custom that the Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society annually supports additions to the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia by donating works of art that the museum wishes to acquire.

In 2019, the Art Museum of Estonia is celebrating its centenary and this year the society's gift was Kaarel Kurismaa's 'Amor Column.'

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Other: Merike Estna. Photo: Donovan Quiroz, courtesy of Karen Huber gallery

Merike Estna receives Artist laureate salary

Estonian Artists Association has chosen Merike Estna as the recipient of Artist laureate salary during the years 2020-2022. 

Artist laureate salary is awarded to five outstanding artists every year by Estonian Ministry of Culture and the purpose of the salary is to allow professional artists to dedicate themselves to creative activities and thereby contribute to the development of Estonian culture.

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Exhibition: Marko Mäetamm "Painting and Waiting" (2013) 

Marko Mäetamm and Olga Chernysheva in Moscow

Marko Mäetamm and Olga Chernysheva will take part in the group exhibition "Biography. A Model Kit" at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA). The exhibition is curated by Viktor Misiano and Anna Zhurba and it is the 5th session of the large-scale interdisciplinary project "Human Condition".

Parallel to the group exhibition, Marko Mäetamm's solo show "SERIOUS THINGS" opens at the Galerie Iragui in Moscow, presenting his recent graphic series and individual drawings.

Both of the exhibitions are open from November 13th 2019.
At MMOMA on view until February 2nd 2020 and at Iragui on view until January 13th 2020.

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Exhibition: "O" by Aaloe-Ader-Flo-Künnap-Soosalu in Tallinn in 2011

Flo Kasearu in collaboration with Andra Aaloe, Aet Ader, Grete Soosalu, Kaarel Künnap at EKKM

Flo Kasearu is part of collective Aaloe-Ader-Flo-Künnap-Soosalu and their cityinstallation "O" will be shown in various locations across Tallinn as part of the exhibition "A-tishoo, A-tishoo, We All Fall Down" in EKKM.

The opening of the exhibition is on November 1st at 7pm. The exhibition will be on view until December 15th.

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Exhibition: Flo Kasearu "Collection of Artist Dead Plants" (2016-ongoing)

Flo Kasearu at LOW Gallery, Riga

Flo Kasearu is part of group show "The Artist Crisis Center" currently at LOW Gallery in Riga.

Artist Crisis Center aims to provide support for the creative types cheated by Fortune or beaten by the hooves of Pegasus. Accompanied by a shelter for unwanted art and around-the-clock help center, it provides refuge and assistance for those in need, all while surrounded by a soothing atmosphere to ease agitated minds and restless souls.

The exhibition is on view until 1 November 2019.

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