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Inga Meldere at Structure Envisioned residency, New Orleans, Louisiana


Inga Meldere is taking part in the Structure Envisioned residency, New Orleans, Louisiana where she will be exploring the cultural heritage and artistic visions dwelling in this incredible city.

With a deep interest in flora and fauna, Inga Meldere is interested in how new knowledge can be used to expand the interdisciplinary boundaries of her artistic practice, or the territory of "expanded painting", which in this case intertwines the practices of restoration, art history and painting.

While in New Orleans, Inga will be preparing for a workshop, which will be taking place on November 18 at Camp Street Studios, 

Inga will work on the extraction of colour pigments from the local plants and other organic materials collected and found during her residency. The workshop will be inviting visitors to take part in both cooking the pigments, as well as painting with them