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Flo Kasearu at Tartu Art Museum

Exhibition: Flo Kasearu, 'Uprising 22', metal, aluminium, framed, 53x72 cm, 2015

Flo Kasearu is included in the exhibition ‘Initiative from Below. Estonian Caricature in the 1980s' at Tartu Art Museum.

Exhibition dates: March 16 - July 27, 2024

The seventh exhibition of the Tartu 88 series Initiative from Below. Estonian Caricatures in the 1980s offers a cultural-historical perspective on one of the most controversial aspects of life during the Soviet era: humour. Given that the history of Estonian caricatures is incredibly rich, even within a single decade, the curator has decided to focus on the moment when the absurdity in Soviet life gave birth to Estonian surrealism.

Curated by Indrek Grigor