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Temnikova & Kasela

Noblessner, Kai Art Center building – Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia, +372 6405770, Wed–Fri, 1–6 pm, Sat–Sun, 2–6 pm or by appointment.

News > Opening of Sophie Jung’s exhibition "New Waiting" 03.03.2015

Opening of Sophie Jung’s exhibition "New Waiting" 03.03.2015



Opening of Sophie Jung’s exhibition "New Waiting"

Temnikova & Kasela gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of Sophie Jung’s exhibition “New Waiting”, curated by Justė Kostikovaitė, on the 3rd of March at 6pm, which will be followed by artist's performance at 7pm.


It's for the kidneys. (Silence. Estrogen looks attentively at the tree.) What do we do now?




Yes, but while waiting.


What about hanging ourselves?


Hmm. It'd give us an erection.


(highly excited). An erection!


With all that follows. Where it falls mandrakes grow. That's why they shriek when you pull them up. Did you not know that?


Let's hang ourselves immediately!


From a bough? (They go towards the tree.) I wouldn't trust it.


We can always try.


New Waiting “deals with” “the notion” of “female longing” in “the digital age”

New Waiting happens in an installation that merges tropes of historic feminized longing (Jung learned how to weave Jon Hamm’s crotch into an under-desk-rag rug à la Chanson de Toile) with allusions to a new kind of virtually emoticised waiting. While smart but water-damaged devices ready-at-eye but not to hand wait in their mounts of uncooked rice around the gallery floor, The Original – the archaic & affective shout-out of the alpine yodel (Jung has taken many a youtube yodel tutorial) – is explored as an alternative to the looped & liked high-frequency of fb/twitter/insta’s status strategies. Drawing on personal experience (lol) Sophie Jung creates a private onesie-purgatory of infinite, obsessive and weightless waiting before (and after) the screen.

The show at Temnikova & Kasala Gallery in Tallinn is Sophie Jung’s first solo show in Eastern Europe.

On the occasion of the opening of the New Waiting on the 3rd of March, Sophie Jung will perform the installation.

Sophie Jung - born 1982 in Luxembourg. Lives and works in Basel and London. Her practice addresses representation and its pitfalls, both culturally as a system of disguised and shifting signs and personally as a way to track and record life. Her work oscillates between form and affect, pragmatism and romance, scrutinising accuracy and magical awe. She has a deep trust in temporary definitions, to be sculpted while lazing on the apron proscenium, the pre-stage, as a fluid messenger between reception and production of time-lined purport.

Recent shows and performances were held at ICA (UK), MUDAM (LU), House for Electronic Arts (CH), S.A.L.T.S. (CH), Ceri Hand Gallery (UK), and include Panda Sex curated by Tom Morton at State of Concept, DOUBLE with Shana Moulton at Medienwerkstatt Wien as well as Dear Luxembourg (yours, bucktoothed grl) which she co-curated with Alberto Garcia del Castillo at Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg. In 2013 she received the Edward Steichen Award, Luxembourg, which allows her to spend six months at ISCP, New York.

Justė Kostikovaitė (b.1980 Vilnius) - prior to the Curating Contemporary Art MA course at Royal College of Art, London, Kostikovaitė established artist residencies in Berlin and Vilnius. Recently she co-curated the show What Thinks Me at TAIGA, St. Petersburg. In 2014 she took part in the Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course, the CIMAM conference in Qatar and contributed to the exhibition I’m a Painting at the KUMU, Tallinn.

New Waiting is generously supported by ProHelvetia, Switzerland and Focuna, Luxembourg as well as by Luxembourg Embassy in Prague.

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