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Temnikova & Kasela

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Sigrid Viir

Office Sweet Home (Office is Not a Place It's a Feeling)

Office Sweet Home (Office is Not a Place It's a Feeling) /axs_site/content/
Office Sweet Home (Office is Not a Place It's a Feeling)
framed pigment print, embroidered text, painted metal legs 34x23cm 2019

This work was part of the solo exhibition "False Vacationer" at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, 2019.

The photo series "Office Sweet Home" divided the exhibition room in two, but the boundary was not rigid or total - after all, the line between work and vacation is not a hard line either. Contemporary work culture presumes that people are constantly reachable and if they have any free time, they'll do something useful with it, like educating themselves further. And so, free time is imperceptibly spent on getting ready to work, working, looking for work, thinking and worrying about work. The boundaries between vacation and work are blurred even more by ambient and cosy interior design in workplaces and the spread of home offices. Work is associated with playfulness, and "free" extras such as good coffee and fun shared activities, etc. Co-workers become friends and it is assumed by default that employees will put a little more of "themselves" into their work. New job titles provide additional support for the cooler atmosphere. But is this freedom empowering for the worker or just an illusion?

Text by Maarin Mürk

Series of 15 photos